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Car Wash & Car Detailing Services in Abu Dhabi

“Our experience with Kenzie’s is outstanding. They provide quality car care using premium products. They are extremely reliable, professional and always on time. Staff are well trained and highly experienced. Kenzie’s service is truly legendary. Thank You!”

Car Wash & Detialing in Abu Dhabi

Services We Offer

Whether you have a car, a fleet of cars, or marine equipment, we have the services and the experience to keep your machinery looking and running its best. Here are some of the quality services that we offer:

Car Wash & Detailing

Deep cleaning, shampooing, paint correction, polishing, waxing & much more.

Waterless & Eco Car Wash

Rinseless & 'Spray n Wipe' washing. Eco-friendly solutions for every need.

Fleet Wash - Trucks, Vans, Cars

Servicing fleets of almost any size. Tailor-made solutions to suit your budget.

Boats & Machinery

Power / Jet washing, polishing and detailing & all types of heavy machinery.

Shopping Malls & Parking Lots

Waterless car wash solutions at shopping malls & public car parking lots.

Parking & Storage

Secure storage & transportation solutions for all types of cars. Prompt and reliable service.

Events & Exhibitions

Power / Jet washing, polishing and detailing & all types of heavy machinery.

Recovery / Towing Services

Waterless car wash solutions at shopping malls & public car parking lots.

Product & Material Supplies

Secure storage & transportation solutions for all types of cars. Prompt and reliable service.


What You’ll Get with a Kenzie’s Car Wash

Kenzie’s offers quality, personalized services that fit your demanding schedule. We have the experience to provide high quality detailing and car washing no matter what type of car or marine vessel you have. And we work with your scheduling needs to ensure that your car or cars are the best possible advertisements for your brand no matter how busy you are.

Kenzie’s is dedicated to becoming the benchmark provider of car washing and detailing services in Abu Dhabi. That’s why we pride ourselves on keeping our services up to date with the 21st century. We use all the latest technologies and advances in car detailing to keep your car purring and give it a show room finish. And that will ensure that your car is the perfect calling card for your brand or business.

At Kenzie’s you’ll get environmentally friendly practices, convenience and the highest quality customer service. Every time. And once you’ve experienced the Kenzie’s difference, you’ll never want to go back. 


Our Fleet Cleaning Services

Here at Kenzie’s we provide high quality, mobile services to a range of clients. We help individuals keep their cars looking and functioning like new. And we also provide personalized, expert fleet cleaning services for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you have a courier business, auto dealership or delivery business, our cleaning and detailing solutions will suit your budget, the size of your business, and your needs. So, let us keep your cars in the best condition possible and help you build and maintain your business brand.



Car Wash & Car Detailing Services in Abu Dhabi

No matter what type of business you’re in, your car is a moving advertisement that represents your success and attitude. Whether you have a fleet of cars, or just your personal car, it’s a symbol of your attention to detail and your status. When you see someone driving down the Eastern Ring Road or Al Najdah road in a shiny, glossy car, you just know that they’re successful and pay attention to the details. But maintaining that image isn’t always easy when you’re busy with your personal life and career. After all, most people don’t have the time to spend hours each week on their car, which is why you need the help of the best car wash and detailing services in Abu Dhabi.

If you’re too busy to spend hours a week washing, polishing and maintaining your moving calling card, then it’s time to look to the professionals. Here are just some of the tasks that Kenzie’s can help you with:

  • Inside car cleaning: trim cleaning and repair, vacuuming, odor control, and glass cleaning.
  • Exterior car cleaning: undercarriage cleaning, tire cleaning and dressing and polishing.
  • Engine cleaning and detailing.
  • Removal of scratch marks and swirls.
  • Window tinting.
  • Ceramic paint protection.
  • Pressure washing.
  • Waterless washing

Kenzie’s offers quality car washing and detailing services for your car, or for your fleet of cars. So, when you’re driving to the Aldar Headquarters building or the Capital Gate building, make sure that your car reveals the quality and care that you take in every part of your professional life.

Express Wash

                    A popoular service for people with busy lives!  

  • Exterior body lather with a shampoo & pressure wash
  • Engine cleaning (optional)
  • Undercarriage, shampoo & pressure wash
  • Wheel cleaning and tyre dressing
  • Express interior vacuum, wipedown and window clean
  • Free Pick & Drop Service 
  • 2 Hour Service max!
                        Recommended at least once a month.


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