Mineral Stains & Water Spots

Hard water stains also known as mineral stains or water spots, are stubborn droppings which may look like an acid burn on the paint of your car.  Often caused by leaks from ceiling pipes, or air conditioning unit leaks unit from the carparking area.  This is a very common problem in Dubai, and we treat stains like this almost every week.  The sooner this is addressed the better chances of removing all the mineral stan, as these stains will harden in the heat and over time.

Waterless Car Wash!

Waterless carwash is a misused term.  Because you cannot wash your car without water!  The real term is Rinse- Less car wash.  IE:  you are not using a running hose to wash your car.  Waterless car washing is a method of washing a car with minimal amount of water mixed with carnauba wax and cleaning agents.  Where by one it is mixed together you apply the spray and wipe technique to wash cars in places where there are water restrictions. 

Odor Removal - Deodorization

Before you try any home remedies or chemicals to get the smell of smoke out of your car, there are some general cleaning tips that will help. These ideas will remove most of the smell, so once they’re done you may not have to do anything else! Read more for what to do!

Kenzies Odor Elimination

Disinfect Your Car Interior. Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 & Other Viruses

Choosing The Correct Materials & Disinfectants To Clean Your Car Interior.  It’s especially important that you choose the correct cleaning products and materials to use, depending on your vehicle interior.  If your car has leather trims, cloth, suede, or imitation leather upholstery, then you will need to choose the correct disinfectant products for each material.  Not sure what to use?  Contact us today for some advice.  Isopropyl alcohol can also remove stains, smudges, and all types of residue.  Given its alcohol content, the Isopropyl alcohol is also effective in killing 99.999% of bacteria and Virus.

Disinfectants To Clean Your Car Interior.

Headlights - Cleaning & Restoration

Oxidation and cloudiness are usually limited to the outside of your headlights. After all, this is the part of the plastic that’s most exposed to the environment. But if you do have damage on the inside surface of the headlights, it means that moisture has seeped inside. And unfortunately, this usually means that you will have to get your headlights replaced. It’s important that you don’t put this off either, because if there’s water inside the headlights it can wreak havoc with the electrical systems that run through there. And if the electrical systems get damaged by the water, it’ll be a much bigger job to fix it

The Difference Between Car Detailing and a Car Wash?

A car wash is part of car detailing, but it isn’t nearly enough to keep your car looking and running like new. A car wash means that you scrub the outside, maybe apply some polish and some wax to make the paint sparkle. It removes dirt, dust and mud from the outside of the car. You might also run a vacuum over the interior, just to add that extra sparkle. But a car wash isn’t even close to what will happen when you take your car to be detailed, and it isn’t nearly enough to get your car sparkling like new. 

Kenzies Car Detailing and a Car Wash

Express Wash

                    A popoular service for people with busy lives!  

  • Exterior body lather with a shampoo & pressure wash
  • Engine cleaning (optional)
  • Undercarriage, shampoo & pressure wash
  • Wheel cleaning and tyre dressing
  • Express interior vacuum, wipedown and window clean
  • Free Pick & Drop Service 
  • 2 Hour Service max!
                        Recommended at least once a month.


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